Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Check out my Dad's work!

My Dad is a visual development artist. For those of you who are interested in art and 3D animation, look at his blog to see some cool 3D animation stuff! Here are a couple of his videos that feature my music.

What do you guys think? Young Composers Challenge

Hey all!

I wanted to enter a musical composition competition, and it's called the Young Composers Challenge. The two locations are Orlando, FL and San Rafael, CA. In each location, you can choose to submit an orchestral piece or a chamber piece for 2-6 performers.
So, my questions are:

1. Which kind of piece (orchestral or chamber) should I submit to each location?
2. Should I make new pieces or should I just submit the pieces I already have? These are the pieces that would be eligible and that I would consider entering:

Let me know what you think! :)

More duets

Yep. :)

Live recordings

These are songs I wrote and recorded myself performing.

Chamber music

Just some chamber music I've done over the past year.

Orchestral songs

I occasionally write for full orchestra, and I once wrote for string orchestra. Enjoy! :)

First songs

These are some of the first songs I put on my YouTube channel. This channel is called blakedylanmusic. Enjoy!


Hi all!

Thank you for looking at this blog! On this blog, I will be talking about my latest musical endeavors, whether I'm composing or performing. You can tell me what you think, request new challenges for me, or simply look around and enjoy the music. Have fun, folks! ;)

-Blake :)